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Plant Protection enterprises type of protection are usually two main position is the position that the main gate and patrol position in the factory.

1. The task of protecting the port:​  ensuring regional security gate, check control vehicle and cargo to the port.

- Recorded updates vouchers import of goods into export goods window. Save papers needed, upon delivery to hand over all cases in detail.

- The case pending completion of duty to hand over to the next shift further processing.

- When goods are imported into the plant materials: guard to guide the car parked right places and subscribe to the factory in order, check stock before importing goods into the car factory.

- When the goods from the factory: security guards to check every bill with full signature, seal, invoice number, customer number, driver name, car number, date and time of shipment from the competent to sign. If the bill is not enough elements by managing unit specified security guards do not settle for the car take the goods out of the factory.

- When performing the inspection of the plant Driveway: protection must compare the number of rows of the note entry with the actual number of rows in the car. Security guard gate and patrol staff to coordinate closely with each other in the process of checking the import of goods.

- The supplies, materials and machinery of the subcontractor needs to bring into use - the plant during construction or carrying out the construction is complete, the authorized person of the company that brings the number of rows to be listed on the registration certificate and must be approved by the managing unit certify settle out.

- Received a letter from postal postal worker from hand to hand transfer the work or parts of plants.

- When power is lost office hours, security guards at the gate to close the gate position is not for anyone from outside the factory or goods from the factory to the outside. Strengthening observations to detect and prevent an intruder into the plant through the fence or crook stole merchandise, supplies, materials dispersed outside.

- Proceed to arrest and make a record of violations of the laws or enters a plant illegal to steal or destroy property and notify the competent authorities of managing units known to the decision.

- If there is a case occurs in plants, guards have seized exhibits, recorded and reported to the competent person in charge of the unit said. If a serious incident scene to remain in service for investigation.

- Contact hotel to work with the factory or visit must be approved by the managing or appointment, the port is responsible for guiding visitors to the plant. If unexpected guests arrive, guards must contact customer who requests to see if he or she has a living or to the promise to customers. When the consent of the owners management, security guards patrol with the mission of providing visitors the lead guest card and see parts or need.

- All goods, materials, customer brought in plant protection guide their registration procedures as prescribed and to allow the management of the new owners are allowed to bring in or take out.

- Note: Guests are not shooting in the factory area without the consent of the managing unit.

- Synthesis meticulous records, specifically handover cases after cases are not resolved.


* Check out the workers in the factory:

- Check the tag name, workwear uniforms, bags and other protective equipment for workers to enter the factory. Workers must register valuable items at guard.

- Workers short-term (seasonal) must register with the attached list and the consent of the managing unit.

- Check if employees leave, if there is suspicion (based) security guards will require inspection and seizure of physical evidence and make a report conducted simultaneously notify the competent authorities of the host unit management for handling.

- All vehicles must be workers out on the card and get to the right place with the provisions of the plant.

- Workers are strictly prohibited and protected drinking or using drugs while working in factories.

- Recorded specific developments in the security situation and handed shift after shift end time directly to the outstanding cases.

2. Tasks Patrol:is responsible for observing the overall security situation of the entire plant.

- Check the status of seals, locks, areas at risk of intrusion and fire high.

- Support for port location or position arranged truck when the pressure of work.

- Making records of the case worker, driving, loading ... violate the rules and regulations of the plant, such as smoking, ride in the factory, fighting, drinking, violence led the company ... .

- This position is responsible for supervising the security office area at night when all the working hours (from 18g00 'to 06g00' the next morning).

- Observing systems Patrol office door signs not pry out intruders.

- Do not allow strangers loitering in the area after work.

- If you detect any room's door lock raised, protective duties immediately notify the Commander and Chairman of Management for handling. Making records the actual status as a basis for liability settlement later.

- On holidays like Sunday, Holidays, this position is responsible for patrolling directly 24/24.

- Recognition of the case officer or administrative staff in the office at night (if any) and report it to the management the next morning.