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Bank Protection type of protection is very complex in nature, requiring guards here must have a high level of security operations and work style are very polite, flexible, flexible. This type of protection has two kinds: one is working at a bank, two are transporting money from one place to another.

For those working in the Bank:

1. The mission of the guard:

- Beware of bad guys disguised as customers, guards must be experienced to classify objects and detect suspicious objects before the crime, given the appropriate measures to stop immediately .

- Beware of bad guys make the sham distract guards as loopholes guard to break into the bank.

- Beware of bad guys infiltrate pickpockets, shoplifting by customers, the guard must protect the long-range plan for detecting loitering people who travel a lot, eyes and glanced at the Customer especially near the trading desk.

- The Customer withdraw large amounts of cash, professional security personnel must stay alert to the people around them and to closely monitor, defend their ground, especially at the car.

- Remind customers to comply with the general provisions of the Bank filed.

2. Requirements of the guard:

- Protection must be kept secret, undisclosed secrets of the Bank as key codes, diagrams alarm system, anti-theft, enter the amount of new fenders, rules work of employees Bank, the control center CCTV.

- Security guard to be polite to the customers of the bank, but absolutely not too intimate, leading to offensive action.

- Security guard at the bank must follow the motto hear without hearing, seeing without looking, that is to focus on the human senses to work, everyone watching, listening to secrecy polite.

- Security guards have a profound understanding of the corners and the critical areas of the Bank.

- Security guard must identify the date, the Bank peak.